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At AEFJN we dream of a different world that is fair for all. But we don’t just dream.  We look closely at the economic ties between Africa and the European Union and its member states to see where the structures and systems are failing the poorest people. Then we work for fairer deals between the two continents.

We focus on issues that are in the public eye, either at EU or national level, because that’s where we can best influence politicians and other decision-makers. At AEFJN-UK, our current topics of concern are:

Large-Scale Land Acquisitions (Land Grabs) & Family Farming,
Social Responsibility of Companies (CSR) especially concerning natural Resources
& Climate Change

There is a separate page for each of these issues.



“AEFJN listens to the voice of Africa... brings this voice to the EU, and insists on the right and the responsibility of Africans to make their own policy for development”.