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Raw Materials and Corporate Justice

A brief outline of the issue
Latest news updates from our Brussels office
News and views from other sources


Brief Outline of the Issue

At AEFJN-UK we are keenly interested in the responsibility companies need to accept towards their workers and the environment. We take a particular interest in the exploitation of natural resources and the way, by monopolising access to land and water, companies can take the food out of the mouths of the local people in Africa. We call on companies to take Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) seriously and to put people and creation ahead of profits.

One successful way of encouraging companies to accept their responsibility has been through 'naming and shaming' as compliance with CSR is less damaging for them in the long term than continuous public criticism.

For a more detailed analysis of the issue, see AEFJN's Manual on Economic Justice, Volume 2, Chapter 2 by clicking on the picture:


This 2-volume manual published in 2014 can be purchased from AEFJN-UK at a very reasonable cost. For details write to aefjnuk@yahoo.co.uk. Volume 1 is dedicated to a process that helps Christian groups to be effective agents of change while Volume 2 deals with practical issues relating to access to quality medicines, climate change, raw materials and corporate social responsibility, food sovereignty and land grabbing, and the control of the small arms trade.



Latest News Updates from our Brussels office

September 2016
Company Executives could now be tried for Land Grabs and Environmental Destruction
Panama Papers: secret offshore deals deprive Africa of billions in natural resource dollar
The Struggle for a UN Treaty

July/August 2016
Illegal Gold Trade in Congo still Benefiting Armed Groups, Foreign Companies
The Panama Papers: Connecting Tax Abuses and Human Rights
Forget the Camerons, the African Giveaway is the real Panama Papers story

June 2016
Business and Human Rights: World still Waiting for Action
Madagascar: Mine destroying the Biodiversity of the coast
EU Conflict Minerals Law: Missed opportunity

May 2016
Country-by-country reporting to affect only 10% of multinationals
Tax havens ‘serve no useful economic purpose’: 300 economists tell world leaders
Oxfam calls for investment in human economy, youth and girls

April 2016
1. Community rights widely abused by cobalt mining in Democratic Republic of Congo
2. Over 140,000 signatures for the Swiss Responsible Business Initiative
3. Mining giant Vedanta argues UK court should not hear Zambia pollution case

March 2016
1. Progress for an African Mineral Governance Framework
2. France adopts Palm Oil tax
3. Illicit Gold trade from DRC funds Terrorist Groups
4. Edinburgh University pioneer in opposing Conflict Minerals

News and views from other sources

Kevin Watkins (ODI) The Hidden Heist – offshore plunder is hurting Africa.
22nd April, 2016
Forget the UK’s phoney political war over the offshore fund created by Prime Minister David Cameron’s late father. This is a Panama Papers sideshow that is diverting attention from a heist that is siphoning billions of dollars out of the world’s poorest countries in Africa, reinforcing poverty, undermining growth and facilitating corruption on an industrial scale.Read More