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More about AEFJN

Our Mission
As Christians, we believe all people belong to the one human family and that it is a scandal  that part of our family still lives in dire poverty. Our faith and the social teaching of the Catholic Church prompt  us to work for more equitable economic relations between Africa and Europe, relations that honour the God-given dignity of every individual. We aim to change policies that keep the poor poor while the rich become richer. This is our way of proclaiming that the Kingdom of God is near – and open to everyone.

Who are we?
AEFJN-UK is part of an international network of Christians founded by religious in 1988. Many of us have lived and worked among Africa’s poorest.  Now based in the UK, we want to tackle those causes of poverty that have their roots in Europe and promote economic policies and agreements that respect the needs and dignity of the least well-off in Africa.

Until recently most of our members belonged to religious congregations and institutes, but our doors are wide open to all who share a deep desire to follow Christ’s example and his command to love.

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Some pages from our 'Guide for Newcomers'

The issues we are currently working on

The structure of the Network in Europe

History in brief